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Children's books for Illustrator's Kids

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

While we're busy creating book illustrations at the moment, we wanted to show you the children's books that inspire both us and our daughter because of their beautifully drawn characters and unique stories.

If you're an illustrator or simply want some incredible books for your child to grow up with, these are some must-haves!

Note that these books were photographed at our house and you can see how loved they are from the wear and tear after just one year :)


All about permaculture, the importance of taking care of our planet and the beauty of life this book created by GUBA in Swaziland remains our favourite as it gives equal attention to a unique, captivating story with important life lessons and detailed illustrations that aren't your standard depiction of Africa as it's often shown in kid's cartoons and international media.

While the book isn't easy to find online, it's definitely worth emailing the GUBA team for a copy and if you're not from an African country this will allow for some beautiful insights into other cultures and sustainable living ideas in general!

'THIS IS NOT A BOOK' by illustrator Jean Jullien

Our daughter has enjoyed this book since she started looking at pictures and still loves it at one and a half years (as do we!). Created by illustrator Jean Jullien, the thick double-spreads depict images from all walks of life from a theatre, a living room and the inside of the fridge to the big mouth of a funny monster and a person's butt! Not only is it unique, it's also awesome for learning words and sounds.

Available in most online stores such as Amazon.

'The Little Girl who lost her Name' by Wonderbly

Created by the publishing company Wonderbly, this is one of many customizable books whose stories are adjusted according to the child's name, your values and culture as well as other options. But besides the cool personal touch, this story is printed on soft, matte paper (something that's not very common for children's books) and the magical characters are drawn to look super cute with a tasteful colour palette!

'Variations on Normal' by Dominic Wilcox

Great for divergent thinking (which, quick fact, kid's are great at but which unfortunately deteriorates in adults if we don't practice), this little book gives our child much to think about and allows us to have a little laugh and realize that ideas that seem silly can be great and live long!

In general, Dominic Wilcox is definitely worth a follow and maybe you'll even catch one of his workshops (for kids or adults) somewhere in the world.

While the shop is currently offline, the book is available in many online stores such as Amazon.


What are your favourite illustration books for kids (and adults)?

Tag @thisismixtura in an Insta story (you might even get a mention on our profile!) :)


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I love Jean Julliens illustrations are amazing.

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