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Welcome to MIXTURA, a unique graphic design studio established by entrepreneur Cesar Gouveia whose love for African design and how it can be transformed into modern graphic design forms the cornerstone of his venture. A worldly Mozambican who has traveled across different continents, Cesar Gouveia has seen firsthand how African cultures are increasingly represented in the modern world and he believes that they need to be given a voice and a platform to encourage and promote Neo-African graphic design. MIXTURA takes its inspiration from the cultural diversity and artistic expression of the African continent to build a community of designers, artists, and collectors who share ideas and evolve the creative industries through exploring traditional and contemporary design principles.

We provide various services which can be tailored to meet the requirements of both designers and clients. These include designing and producing branding and identity; creating and developing digital marketing strategies; building and managing websites; and exploring and producing design solutions that reflect the cultural viewpoint and artistic expression of our clients. Blending the latest technologies with handcrafting skills, MIXTURA’s output is both conceptually inspiring and visually appealing, engaging audiences on a global scale.

Central to MIXTURA's ethos is a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The company actively seeks out partnerships with local artisans and craftspeople, supporting their work and promoting ethical practices in design production. By championing fair trade principles and environmentally conscious design processes, MIXTURA prioritizes people and the planet over profit.


Founder. Graphic Designer. Digital Illustrator. 

Cesar is your man for branding solutions, from websites for start-up and medium-sized businesses to packaging, logos and signage to digital posts, flyers and posters. 

His work has included rebranding and website design for Mmac Associates, and branding work for Redbull in Dubai. Also, has collaborated with the global NGO Surge for Water, a workshop for Apple, murals for HP and Freedom Pizza, and logos and digital art for clients worldwide. 


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