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Artist Highlight: Marlon Lobo

Updated: May 24, 2020

For our first artist highlight we chose to speak to the king of patterns – Indian, Toronto-based illustrator and graphic designer Marlon Lobo (@fir3ye), who uses mind-boggling abstract shapes to create logos, posters and illustrations.

MIXTURA: What's your greatest inspiration?

Marlon Lobo: Nature. Iʼve always observed and paid attention to the patterns and geometry in nature and it taught me so much more than just art. It showed me who I was and what we are all a part of as human beings. Most of my work is a feeling at first – I surrender to the creative energy around us and translate the message into something visual.

MIXTURA: What's your art obsession?

ML: I like to repeat and develop patterns and I love colours in my work. Colours can have a big impact on people.

MIXTURA: How did it all begin? ML: I got into art at a very young age. My mother showed me how to draw basic objects and animals for fun but it was only later that I realized I had an eye for art. In university I tried a few subjects and left until I studied graphic design at SAE Institute in Dubai.

MIXTURA: What are your studio must-haves? ML: Sharpies, illustrator, mechanical pencils, pens and paper (the bigger the better).

MIXTURA: What lesson's have you learnt along the way?

Failure is the greatest teacher. If you havenʼt failed, you will not be able to see other possibilities and through failure you become wise and more successful.

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