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'Art: An Essential Need' EBook on African Artists

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

During the past few weeks, ART AND ABOUT AFRICA raised an incredible USD15,523 through their ebook crowdfunding project #ARTANESSENTIALNEED – enough to support 31 African artists with USD 500.75 each during the financial crisis due to Covid-19.

The book is now available to read online and we're super excited to be mentioned as partners of this awesome project which also features two Mozambican artists: Leidito Penga and David Aguacheiro.

Following the book, a physical exhibit is planned once the world situation will allow it (date and place TBC).

For now, take a look at the amazing African artists featured, share the ebook and check out ART AND ABOUT AFRICA (if you're an artist or creative initiative in Africa be sure to register on their map!).


Art And About Africa is a new online platform to give voice and support the fast-rising

art scene on the African continent, a place where artists, arts organizations

and art lovers can easily connect.

This new concept aims to provide the most comprehensive overview of the African

Art scene facilitating where to go, what to see and who to engage with.


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