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Starting with a promotional video we ended up revamping MMAC's logo and website, and created a brochure for their 2020-2021 design projects. 



MMAC's previous logo required an update, as it had not been changed since its inception. We didn't want to change it too much to stay true to the original. By thickening the elements and making them white, we keep a much cleaner but more visible contrast with the MMAC orange. In addition, we edited the "M" element, removing the "dip" in the middle and duplicating the half brick shape, again for better visibility if used in small formats.


The brochure is made to be photography focused in order to display the type of work they do, but also clean and simple. 


MMAC's previous website had also not been updated since the company started. We wanted to follow the same theme as the brochure in order to keep consistency and because they really liked the style of the brochure and wanted it to be translated into the website.

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