After researching the road and city structure of Dubai, we created a concept design for a logo to promote the street 18BKarama. Positioned in the older areas of Dubai with its earliest architecture, this street is now up-and-coming with new shopping malls and large-scale graffiti on the walls. 


For the logo, we merged old and modern fonts, calligraphy and graffiti-style writing, integrated the letters "18B" in the icon to create an identity for the street. Finally, we considered the use of the logo on walls, street signs, and maps, as well as for a mobile app that allowed visitors to find and identify graffiti works and read more about each artist. 


The multimedia company Tawazun was created by several artists working together on audio, film and design projects.

Meaning "balance" in Arabic, MIXTURA created a logo that suited both the idea of equality and team work, using three triangles to represent the three different fields of expertise the staff of Tawazun can offer its clients.



Dreaming of a nearby coffee shop to do some work, MIXTURA created a concept logo for their imaginary happy place. 

Using negative space, the logo creates both a cup of coffee as well as an 'A' for 'Almina'. 



The Mozambican taylor Mizy Costuras asked us to create a logo which could be used for the shop sign, business cards, clothing tags and laser cut labels for zippers and bags. 

MIXTURA focused on a simple design inspired by sowing string and needles which is easily legible both as an engraving and print.


As part of a branding concept, we created a logo for 'Oryx' - an affordable clothing line with the primary customer base in the UAE. 

Using the national animal of the UAE as inspiration, the design aims to be simple enough to allow its use on labels, stitched on fabric and printed on business cards or signs. 

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