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Over time, MIXTURA has created Business Cards for several clients (including ourselves, haha!).


With the attempt to visually highlight each person's job role and company, we pride ourselves in thinking outside-the-box with unique combinations of shapes, colours and fonts to create something that will stay in everyone's memory.


Here are some of our favourites...


AA-Business cards.jpg
AA-Business cards2.jpg

For the founder of the Mozambican capulana Fabric and Fashion store 'Atelier do Artesão', we combined the vibrant colours and interlocking patterns of capulana designs to create the logo and business cards. In contrast, we made sure that the information and fonts are as minimal as possible so that the key details stand out. 


Mizy-Business cards.jpg
Mizy-Business cards2.jpg

Artimiza Nobrega then asked us to create a second business card for her personal venture as a tailor and fashion designer, creating unique clothes and bags from Mozambican fabrics. Here we used the sowing needle and thread as inspiration, forming the 'M' of the logo and flowing across the back of the business card. 



Gemma Barlow, a freelancer in the fields of arts, culture and heritage in the Middle East, asked us to create a business card which listed her contact details as well as a detailed description of her skills and attributes. Using contemporary art as inspiration, we kept the front minimal in text, allowing for the shapes to and colours to take the lead, while the back of the business card became text-based while still keeping a playful twist through repetition and cut-off edges.  

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