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Quarantine Inspiration

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The hours of quarantine can be long and while most of us finally have TIME the strange apocalyptic atmosphere can cause many of us creatives to freeze; unable to work or come up with new ideas. Some past projects may even seem irrelevant or minute now. To get you out of such a rut or just to add some food for thought, here are some stories, drawings, films, opportunities and more from various sources:

1. 'ALONE' | Stories by people in quarantine

This NY Times column and podcast share incredible stories by New York Times readers all over the world about their time in quarantine. From small hilarious moments of insanity to incredibly moving and sad insights – there's something here for everyone and despite the title the stories will remind you: we're in this together.

2. Jean Jullien Quarantine Illustrations

Illustrator @jean_jullien has been bringing out some awesome illustrations about time in quarantine which we can all so easily relate to. So many of these put a smile on our faces :) (click the arrow to see more):

He also did a collaborative zoom project drawing people's portraits that were sent to him during quarantine which we loved:

3. Other Fun Quarantine Instagram Posts

Of course Jean Jullien isn't the only one inspired by our strange new habits and feelings during quarantine. Here are some more creative illustration concepts:

UAE-based artist Kapil Bhimekar on how we're all slowly starting to look like our homes – or become our homes

Another UAE artist with an interesting take, Ichraq Bouzeidi explored the effects of quarantine on Eid celebrations – a time usually spent together with family.

An animation (click on link for video) by @arevik.dor and his team at @klaas_verplancke_official depicting the passing of time during quarantine in a unique way that even Stefan Sagmeister had to acknowledge.

And for good measure here's a second one:

With the caption "My wife hates it when I work from home" Banksy made all of us laugh but not only that – this work actually has incredible details! Check out the post here and swipe right for close-ups!

4. thejamjar Art Challenges

This awesome place in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai moved online with all others during quarantine and is posting weekly art tutorials for free on their Instagram account.

And guess what? Two of the videos are done by us :)

Check out this one where we get artsy with our daughter:

5. Instagram

Another cool initiative on Instagram is, posting workouts, recipes, talks, workshops, tunes from the UAE to entertain us during quarantine (or whenever!). A joint effort to keep us all on a positive vibe.


This is not the end! We'll be adding more quarantine inspirations here over time ...


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