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Helpful Lists for Artists (DXB)

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

During Covid-19 many institutions have compiled some pretty useful lists for artists with job and competition opportunities, free resources online and offline including video and book libraries and more.

As a reminder to ourselves and for any other creatives in the UAE, here is a list of the lists (haha!) to keep an eye on when in need of some help & inspiration :).

1. Sharjah Art Foundation

The two lists below by Sharjah Art Foundation are a huge help for artists looking for opportunities and platforms for research and learning. Sharjah Art Foundation promised to continue to keep them up-to-date so these will hopefully become an ongoing resource even post-corona.

This awesome directory of local Dubai businesses will help you see what's out there in a few clicks, from entertainment, lifestyle and fashion to music and printing services. While some are more shopping-orientated (which is why we also highlighted this list in our 'Support Locals DXB' post) some of the entries may also be useful for creating your work such as printing your photographs with Gulf Photo Plus or your next business cards with Toil & Tinker.

3. Tashkeel Covid-19 Resources

Tashkeel compiled an awesome PDF of resources for artists and designers during Covid-19, including collaborative projects, competitions, inspirational video streaming platforms, workshops and more!

Download it here along with a second PDF titled 'toolbox to face the pandemic for artists and designers' with a more philosophical approach found here.


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